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Are you looking for a launch pad for your business or a platform to experiment with your unique menu? Durham Mosaic arts and wellness is the biggest festival in Canada, bringing food, cultural fusion, live art, dance and music, yoga and wellness items,  and holistic healing practice directly to the massive and diverse audience.

Our Mission

We work on a framework that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Arts & Culture

Promoting Arts & Culture of Artists from diverse communities across GTA.

Women empowerment

Helping women with a language barrier with small business start-ups.

Mental Health

Conducting seminars on Mental Health awareness and helping with resources.

Seniors Wellness

Creative engagement programs for seniors to have a healthy and active social life Art, Yoga, Meditation & Dance.

Youth Empowerment

Skill training, Resume building, Career Pathways

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Upcoming Events

Checkout our upcoming events and join us to embrace eventsĀ 


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Durham Mosaic gallery

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Our Sponsors and Partners

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